These Sites truly deserve The Award, they are 'Killer', so don't waste time, go visit them. If you are the kind of people who love good site with creativity and eye candy graphics, these must be a good resources, we could learn from their techniques and improve our site together so the web community become more and more interesting place to visit...
Cool Design Award This Site is outstandingly amazing in design. Daniel has done such an excellent job, and if you pay him a visit you'll see what i mean. The good use of graphics and the lay out is neat and elegant. The very first winner, beat the other 52 sites, Well Done ! New !..too bad Mr. Wentink has already closed his site down.(16 February '99)

WSO Graphics Mr. Willie Otto, the webmaster of this site, is one of my role model. He create an outstanding site with excellent graphics and design. A must see site...beside being a very good designer, Mr Willie Otto is a very kind man, he gave me many priceless tips about site designing and i found them very useful... I consider him as my Guru ! (16 March '99)

Designs By Mark Mr. Mark Monciardini, own an outstanding site that offer a very cool photoshop and flash tutorial, with a high standard of interface design. Infact i quite embarrassed to offer him this humble award, but hey...:)...i also a regular visitor to his site, especially the forum...a must visit ! (18 April '99)

Topaz Designs Ms. Kelly Mc Larnon, considerable one of the most talented web artist nowadays. Her lovely site showing a real creativity and inovation in design aspect. Her Bryce works are truly must see them, they are awesome...!(13 May '99)

ORTAGA Mr. Ortaga, from Melbourne has an outstanding site which is as good as these other guys, very appealing and good looking also a good use of technology, a definetly awesome works he also has many interesting stuff inside a lot of people think that he is an amazing artist and i am no exception...!(18 July '99)

AQ Art & Design Mr. Anders Qvickers master this huge site, which is one of the biggest resources for web designer and has been for so long be my favorite, especially the fun with filters section so outstanding. The guy himself is a versatile personal with many abilities and do these stuff for a living. Pay him a visit and you'll amazed...!(24 december '99)

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