For quite some time i have some research on award sites, and i was amazed on how many of them gave away award to every applicants just to get more traffic to their site, which is a normal thing actually, on ages where clicktrough is the main subjectives. Then i began to think, well...this is getting ridiculous, and it's degradate the value of The Award itself. With all respect to those who does that.
To me building and designing a homepage is a very challenging hobby, but since i'm not planning to get involved proffessionally ( i'm an undergraduate of Architecture in Bandung Institute of Technology ), I do not need traffic that much...this site was dedicated only for fun and love on site designing, and of course ..porto folio, bro !
That's why the first thing i want to assure you is that i do not run this awards section to get traffic for my site. I give these awards to whom it really deserve.
And then you probably think who am i, dare to provide an award without any certain qualification...i may be not a very good designer, but i DO know what's a good site looks like, why bother giving such awards...?
I love web bulding, that's why i want to reward those who have same passion and love in designing website, and making the internet a better place.
This award is yours if :
Ganeca Award
Thank You, Focus Associates
It has a very good design and lay out.
It has no porn, warez, and lawbreaking activities.
It doesn't promote hate, and insult of anykind.
It is designed with passion and a lot of hardwork.
It makes me say " COOL ".
It is definetely spectacular and killer site.
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Your E-mail :
Site's Name :
Site's URL :
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