I Would like to thank everyone who have visited this site and think i am good enough to 'steal' their attention and gave me Awards, It's a big honour to receive them. Only the exceptional award that given to the site who really deserve it, shown here.
Here is My Ego Wall :

Web Excellence Award Mr. Jim Winters from Tugcapt Award say :
Your site is good enogh to get my award...
Thank you very much, Mr. Winters
Golden Globe Award Mr. Xung Phung from Golden Globe Award say :
I am very impressed by the hard work you've put through your website...
Thank you very much, Mr. Phung
Medaille d'Or for Web Site
Excellence Ken and Maureen from Medaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence say :
We were very impressed by what we saw....a straight forward and excellent design with vary content..
Thank you very much.
Creativity Award - along away from home The Staff from Creativity Award - along way from home say :
your site is just way creative. Keep up.
Thank you very much buddy, who ever you are.
Splendid Design He Has There, come and take a visit. Daniel from CoolDesignAward say :
your site is excellent in design and lay out, and site like yours is what make internet a better place.
Thank you very much Daan.
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