Welcome to my humble home of Indonesian Cards, this page is only to have fun with...you can send virtual cards of any kind, you can pick tons of images from celebrities to soccer stuffs, you can apply for Ganeca Award. and i would very appreciate it if you leave your marks in my guestbook, so ...Happy Surfing ! but remember coz...
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The forum is now expanded and you can do almost anything with it You can write ads, get to know friends, buy and sell things, you name it. Free for anything Forum.

You must check this one out...My Rishardana Studios Website, especially a very good resources for photoshop, flash, and website promotion for Indonesian since it's written in bahasa Indonesia.

Newest ! I've been playing with the amazing 3D's MAX and Bryce and come up with quite decent images, go check it out here .
Newest Too! Mouse drawing in photoshop [ can you imagine that ? :) ] here.
New ! I recommend you to check this one...The Image Gallery, and you won't be dissapointed...click here and here to check it out.

Free free free...free interfaces for you...there's a bunch of full packages interfaces waiting for you to download for your own site navigation...check it out...and wait for some more.
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Stop Press !!! The Cards section is really now working, hurray !!!

There have been many complaints that the cards did not working. It worked now :)
The newest cards section have been added and i bet you are going to like it.

Go straight to the cards section. You'll find beautiful Indonesian scenery, and more of traditional and ethnical cards.

I have changed my mind about not turning to professional designer...:)... think i'm gonna try my luck in the web world jungle. Any comments or encouragement on this, please be kind to email me here or here.

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Good News ! We're getting a very good response from the visitor especially form Indonesia, so we decided to make a veru gig big big update on the site. Check 'em out for a couple of weeks ahead, okey... yeee hay !!!