This one created with bryce, just one of my earlier work with that amazing lil program, but it turns out to be pretty cool. Ms. Kelly from Topaz Designs inspires me a lot.
Wait for several others of Bryce images, and see them here.

Old and sacred thingie with a missing crown pearl in the middle. Very delicate, i want to show some gold shine so i create this one.
This one supposed to be included in DBM visitor showcase. It's a play of raw photoshop, with tutorial from DBM old gold. Photoshop works here.
This one is some experimental images inspired by one thread of a forum. It's plain and simple but quite good looking. This perhaps the styel i'd like to improve, but it's so hard to make something original.
Futuristic thingie...mmm...here.
I had another style of sharp looking and futuristic plain and clean cut images. This is actually not my style to create image like this one, but hey...practice makes perfect.
Logo and poster...here.
The image is one i made for a favor to a kid who intersted in web designing but still learning...just like i am. So if you want interfaces, anykind of i-faces, and would like me to make one for you, please don't hesitate to email me. I would love to help. Especially if the request is from a pretty girl from bandung...ugh how can i resist..hehehe.
Interfaces has been so complicated these days...and it's a must for site with graphic content. There so many awesome example of interfaces out there. That makes surfing in the internet more fun and enjoyable.
But overused interfaces seems to be a trade mark too, there are so many i faces with so many eyecandy bevel it can make you blind...i'm not saying that eyecandy is bad...infact i use them...just don't over use it...my first i-face the phone thingie is an example of what overused eyecandy looks like...hehehe...i am a newbie at that time...remember...well once again practice makes perfect. Mr. Mociardini from DBM has a great tutorial about making splendid interfaces. Link to his site is in my ganeca Award winner page.
Several interface i created...here.

all graphis are intelectually copyrighted,
if you would like to use them please contact me,
i'd be so happy to give them to you. Just let me know okey...
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