This is the Cards Department, where you can pick, costumize, and send your own virtual greeting cards of any kind.

We have here, music cards which consist of images of the two biggest heavy metal band Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses. Just Click the Music button.

We have also Cards for soccer mania, pick excellent images from the store, and send them to the other soccer mania out there...Soccer rulez !

For those who love Funny cards we provide them here too, and the collections still growing, so watch out for next updates, and do come visit next time...any time. Interested ? Click the Funny Button.

The Miscellaneus section is a thematic showcase of cards, so it changes on every season, but sometimes it contains pictures of stars, ... , Eid'l Fitri, Ramadhan, Valentine ( soon ), and many why wait click The Misc button now.

New categories are being prepared to be shown here to...just wait and see, so do come visit next time...because, who knows what kind of cards will be shown here, you see, i'm going to compete with the bluemountain, hehehe, still dreaming...why not. Support desperately needed !